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As the song goes, "It might have appeared to go unnoticed but I've got it all here in my heart."

How many times has someone done something so special you just had to thank them? Our company has come up with a beautiful and easy way to do just that. Our mission is to help people recognize those individuals who make a difference in our world. From the nurse who cares for an elderly family member to the fireman who helps save your home, to a friend away at war fighting on behalf of our country, there are heroes among us that often go unnoticed.

Hero Cards, Inc. is the gateway to saying those two simple yet rarely spoken words, THANK YOU. Created with kind sentiments coupled by inspiring drawings and photographs, the cards are meant to reflect the warmth and gratitude we feel for those who help to make our world a little better. With nothing similar available on a national scale, we designed a line of cards with confidence that there would be an immediate need for them as soon as they were printed. We searched around for a thank you card to honor our friend overseas in the military and could not find one. Then we wanted a special card to thank the doctors and nurses who have helped our family, we realized that there was a shortage of cards that tell the everyday “heroes” in our lives that we appreciate them. Soon, we were creating cards for firefighters, police officers, teachers and coaches who help us so much in our everyday lives.

We shared our idea with friends, family and an illustrator who began sketching pictures to accompany our vision. We visited libraries, pouring through poetry books and inspirational tomes and did endless hours of research exploring military organizations, specifically those who helped families with relatives who had been lost in the line of duty.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to give back to families and organizations in need. In fact, a percentage of the proceeds from our sales benefit organizations that support families that have faced adversity.

In 2008, Hero Cards, Inc. was founded to provide tangible opportunities for recognizing and thanking individuals who make a difference in our world. The company offers a greeting card line of the highest quality that is both cost and ecologically conscious and provides a percentage of its profits to families and organizations that are facing adversity.

Media Inquires: For additional information about Hero Cards, Inc., please call Amy Levy PR at 310-444-5250.

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